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August 2018
Kate Gilbert
Executive Director
Now + There

August is the perfect month to rediscover Boston’s architectural past and reflect on the city we’re building for tomorrow with Boston Architecture Diary events. Now + There’s latest installation, Open House by Boston-native Liz Glynn sets the stage for this conversation asking who has access to space in a society that is increasingly divided along socio-economic lines. Located on Commonwealth Ave Mall, Kenmore Square, in a neighborhood facing rapid development, this 26-piece contemporary revision of a Gilded-Age ballroom features cast concrete recreations of Louis XIV furniture and beckons us to take a seat and linger.


Glynn, a Harvard alum and the daughter of an engineer, was influenced by Le Corbusier and the layers of historically engineered spaces in her hometown. See Boston through Glynn’s lens on a tour of the iconic Carpenter Center Building (Le Corbusier’s only building in North America) on August 3 and on August 12, or join Boston by Foot for Reinventing Boston: A City Engineered.


On August 16, celebrate the culmination of Artist For Humanities’ community-engaged project highlighting waterfront issues at Create the People’s Harbor on A Street Park. Continue shaping the conversation on August 23 with the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center and Trust for Public Land at a panel addressing how cities can achieve equitable access to open spaces.


And wrap up the month touring one of Boston’s hidden gems (and site of a future Now + There project), Upham’s Corner on August 29. Guided by the City’s Imagine Boston 2030 plan, Upham’s is poised to be a model for equitable and inclusive redevelopment.

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