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Landscapes, Crafted

30 August - 27 October
Organized by: Society of Arts & Crafts
Venue: Society of Arts & Crafts
100 Pier 4
Suite 200
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 6, 6-9pm Landscapes, Crafted is an exploration of the the land by five craftspeople: Kathryn Clark (CA), Kat Cole (TX), Josh Copus (NC)?, Peter Houk (MA) and Tania Larsson (Canada). Each of these artists respond to landscape — natural, built, social — and the intersections of people and the world around us. The show is guest curated by Luiza deCamargo.

Kathryn Clark is a textile artist who creates contemporary maps through quilting and applique. In her body-scale pieces, she tracks movement and changes of people, prosperity and property.

Kat Cole uses enamels and metals to look at communities, including neighborhoods and their inhabitants. She also explores the impact of oil spills have in her own Texas community.

Josh Copus returns to the land in his ceramics, choosing inspiration from earth and fire. His pottery has a presence; it is made of "wild-clay," dug in Western North Carolina and fired in a anagama on his property. This kind of work can only be done as a community: the effort to dig native clay and then fire in a week-long process requires many people coming together as a team.

Peter Houk works out of the "Glass Lab" community glass center of MIT. A previous body of work, "The Big-Dig Series," was inspired by major construction in downtown Boston. The new series will reflect on the ever-changing Seaport District through imagery of construction etched into colored glass.

Landscapes, Crafted would be incomplete without Native voices. Tania Larsson is First Nation, currently living in Northwest Canada. She is a member of the Gwich’in tribe and creates contemporary jewelry and body ornamentation using traditional materials and techniques of her people, including tanned hides, hair, antler, horn, and shell.