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Yara Sharif, “The Not So Ordinary: Capturing Possibilities..."

19 November 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Organized by: Harvard Graduate School of Design
Venue: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Stubbins Room 112, Stubbins Room 112
48 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA

Dr. Sharif will be sharing a collection of the various thoughts and ideas provoked by her own journeys and narratives when she lived and worked in Palestine, and which were later transformed into projects.


The work will unpack alternative means to re-read and redraw the Palestinian landscape – from a Palestinian perspective – by stripping it off the dominant power of lines. Dr. Sharif will be using speculation – and at times irony – as a mean to stretch the mental space beyond the constraints of the occupation. The work argues that there is a degree of power on the Palestinian side and weakness on the Israeli one that transforms contested spaces into spaces of creativity of which she will share.