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29 November 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Organized by: Harvard Graduate School of Design
Venue: Harvard Graduate School of Design, Piper Auditorium, Room 105
48 Quincy Street

HHF was founded in 2003 in Basel by the architects Tilo Herlach, Simon Hartmann, and Simon Frommenwiler, whose personal, academic and professional track records are resolutely global in orientation. At ease in extremely varied contexts, the office develops projects that are the fruit of long conversations with clients of atypical ambition: a stop-over for pilgrims, a children’s park, a collectors’ storehouse, a revolutionary temple reuse in the Balkans, an observatory and insect museum on the loops of the Seine, downtown retail centers, and luxurious and appealing apartments and boutiques. HHF is a conciliatory practice of sorts, one that seeks to transform, not assault, that manipulates what it finds simply to change the game, and accepts the past in order to create as a springboard for continuities. Passage is the narrative thread in HHF’s projects. Everything proceeds from the sequence to be lived or traveled. Each project is a tool to amplify what is there — a landscape, situation, or feeling — and thereby transform whoever it touches.