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Boston Up: Infrared photographs by Neal Rantoul

14 January - 01 June
Venue: BSA Space
290 Congress Street,

The Harbor and Channel Rooms at BSA Space feature a collection of architectural photographs from Neal Rantoul exploring a look up at Boston from the summer of 1982.


Statement from the artist:


When I made these photographs in 1982 I was teaching both at Northeastern University and Harvard, was newly married and had a baby girl, a German Shephard and a new house my wife and I were rehabbing in Cambridge. Fast times.


But I was an active and practicing artist and on a tenure track at Northeastern. I had to keep my photography going, had to publish and exhibit my work.


Hang on, we’re getting to the Boston Up pictures. I had been using a Kodak black and white film for a while that was sensitive to the infrared part of the spectrum. Because it saw where we don’t, you never knew quite what it would do. I learned to embrace this characteristic eventually but the fact that it was very grainy and only available in the small format 35mm film size was limiting my ability to make big prints. I found in the Kodak Professonial Catalog a film called 2424 Infrared that was offered in the 70mm film size, mostly for aerial photography. Bigger size film allows bigger size prints of higher quality.