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Thomas Weaver | Conversations on Care

16 September 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Organized by: MIT Department of Architecture
Venue: MIT, Room 7-429
77 Massachusetts Avenue
MIT, Room 7-429
Cambridge, MA 02139

MIT Architecture | Fall 2019 Lecture Series

6:00 PM, Room 7-429/Long Lounge

Organized by the Critical Broadcasting Lab



Thomas Weaver is the senior acquisitions editor for art and architecture at the MIT Press.



Conversations on Care


Critical Broadcasting Lab




Amidst the “breakdown all around” that characterizes our contemporary experiential and epistemic reality—some of which is the fallout of present-day forms of information overflow—to study care is, itself, an act of care. Paraphrasing thus Shannon Mattern’s recent statement on maintenance and with a nod to the history of the feminist celebration of the same, in the Conversations on Care series, the Critical Broadcasting Lab will collaborate with the stewards of the architectural public sphere, who have led existing or have established new channels for the critical discussion of architecture. These platforms traverse different media of architectural broadcasting, from galleries and journals to listservs and podcasts, but they are united by their caretakers’ labor focused on establishing and maintaining precision, intelligence, and the humanity of individual utterances, as well as of the broader discussions that these platforms enable. Conversation, which as a format necessarily operates through co-production, will help us temper our megaphones (per George Saunders) while we examine the contemporary motivations, politics, interests, as well as the privilege of the caring subjects involved in curatorial and editorial forms of work.