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Being Material

21 April 1:00pm
Organized by: MIT
Venue: MIT SA+P
E52: Samberg Conference Center
77 Massachusetts Ave.

Being Material: A Symposium Sponsored by the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology


In 1995, MIT's Nicholas Negroponte predicted that "being digital" would have us entering a realm increasingly unconstrained by the materiality of the world. Two decades later, our everyday lives are indeed ever more suffused by computation and calculation. But unwieldy materiality persists and even reasserts itself. Programmable matter, self-assembling structures, 3D/4D printing, wearable technologies and bio-inspired design today capture the attention of engineers, scientists and artists. "BEING MATERIAL" will showcase recent developments in materials systems and design, placing this work in dialogue with kindred and contrasting philosophy, art practice and critique. Panels on the PROGRAMMABLE, WEARABLE, LIVABLE and INVISIBLE-along with a concert, AUDIBLE-will explore new and unexpected meetings of the digital and material worlds.