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UNITE • Resilient Cities: Action for Readiness

21 September 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Organized by: Design Museum Boston
Venue: Shepley Bullfinch
2 Seaport Lane
12th FL
Who is responsible for taking action?

The concept of urban resilience is the ability of residents, institutions, neighborhoods, businesses, and infrastructure within a city to survive, adapt, and thrive especially when faced with incredible stress, sudden spikes in activity, severe weather conditions, or population growth. Long term planning, research, and engaged leadership are required for a successful resiliency plan, but social equity and responsibility are also major factors in the urban resiliency equation.


Our Fall UNITE panel will feature ideas around the following questions:

How are economic sectors, landowners, industries, and society members held accountable for actions that impact the resilience of the entire city? Does the proposed action plan consider a variety of social statuses and income levels? Are marginalized groups being included in the resilience decision making process?

In the city of Boston, we are fortunate to have several organizations, community leaders, and trailblazing institutions dedicated to ensuring the city’s resiliency facing the climate and social challenges that may lie on the road ahead. With these thoughts in mind, who should take action next?