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April 2017
Paul Karakusevic
Karakusevic Carson Architects


April is a good time to get out and about and this month my practice, Karakusevic Carson Architects and 18 others from across Europe are doing just that with Social Housing – Definitions and Design Exemplars, a new exhibition based on a new book we have written for the RIBA exploring the best new public housing and city making. Packed with recent projects, it is an ‘optimistic manifesto’ demonstrating the best work by committed architects, public authorities, housing associations and co-operatives across Europe.


Of course you don’t need to take my word for it, or travel to Europe to discover great housing and great pieces of city, London is full of it. So this month grab your walking boots and get on your bikes and hit the street to see it for yourself with tours unearthing our own radical housing history. Rookeries, Railways and Radicals by The London Ambler uses the Fleet River valley to explore pioneering architecture in and around the old Borough of Finsbury including work by Lubetkin, Peabody and the great Industrial Dwellings Company, while elsewhere Footprints of London seeks out Modernism and Model Dwellings in Bethnal Green - expect hits by Lasdun, the LCC and many others in and around Columbia Road. Open City opts for two wheels for an epic trip through the Concrete Jungles of the East.


Speaking of radicals, the Imagine Moscow exhibition marking the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution is ongoing at the Design Museum and on the theme of revolutionaries, the Royal Academy hosts A New Communal - a discussion inspired by the socialist avant-garde looking at how contemporary architecture and new ways of co-living could promote a more communal and shared urban culture.


We know London has a rich urban culture, but without the efforts of artists and creative outsiders of all kinds, I suspect this diary would be a little sparse so you have much to thank them for. But for how long will they continue to enrich our city if they can’t afford to be here? Head down to Goldsmiths to hear more at Create London’s Where Will the Artists Live? debate. At the heart of it is a fundamental question about who London is for and what type of city do we want it to be in future, on that we all have a stake.



April 2017
Paul Karakusevic
Karakusevic Carson Architects
March 2017
Max Farrell
February 2017
Ian Dejardin
Sackler Director
Dulwich Picture Gallery
January 2017
Martyn Evans
Deputy Chair
London Festival of Architecture


December 2016
Anne Mullins
Curator Arts and Culture
Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership
November 2016
Deyan Sudjic
Director, The Design Museum
October 2016
Stella Ioannou
Co-Director Sculpture in the City
Director Lacuna Projects
September 2016
Helen Marriage
Director, Artichoke
August 2016
Joe Watson
London Creative Director, The National Trust
July 2016
Eddie Blake
Senior Architect, Sam Jacob Studio
June 2016
Tamsie Thomson
Director, London Festival of Architecture
April 2016
Patrick Michell
Partner, Platform 5 Architects LLP
March 2016
Jude Kelly
Artistic Director, Southbank Centre
February 2016
Benjamin O’Connor
Director, The City Centre
January 2016
Mark Cox
Programme Co-Ordinator, New London Architecture


December 2015
Richard Coutts
Co-Founder and Director, Baca Architects
November 2015
Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison
Chief Executive Officer, RISE Gallery
October 2015
Nick Hartwright
Director, The Mill Co Project
September 2015
Julia Peyton-Jones
Director, Serpentine Galleries
August 2015
Kate Goodwin
Head of Architecture and Heinz Curator, Royal Academy of Arts
July 2015
Anna Winston
June 2015
Harry Parr
Partner of Bompas & Parr
May 2015
Sarah Gaventa
Curator, Never Mind The Bollards
Founder of Made Public and Director of Archiboo
April 2015
Alastair Donald
Architecture Design Fashion, British Council
March 2015
Lucie Murray
Editor, London Architecture Diary
Programme Coordinator, New London Architecture
February 2015
Patricia Brown
Chair, London Festival of Architecture
Director, Central
January 2015
Elias Redstone
Editor in Chief, London Architecture Diary


November 2014
Matt Quinn
Director, Pipers Design
October 2014
Chris Foges
Editor, Architecture Today
September 2014
Rory Hyde
Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism
April 2014
Eleonora Usseglio Prinsi
UK Editor,
March 2014
Zofia Trafas
Exhibitions and Publications Coordinator, The Architecture Foundation
February 2014
Jean-Francois Goyette
Editor, Phaidon Atlas
January 2014
Tom Keeley
Director, Learning From Kilburn and Range Editions


December 2013
Ellie Stathaki
Architecture Editor, Wallpaper*
November 2013
Stephanie Macdonald
Director, 6a Architects
October 2013
Elias Redstone
Editor in Chief, London Architecture Diary
September 2013
Nina Due
Head of Exhibitions, Design Museum
August 2013
Evonne Mackenzie
Senior Design Adviser, British Council Architecture, Design and Fashion team
July 2013
Will Hunter
Founder, Alternative Routes for Architecture (ARFA)
Deputy Editor, The Architectural Review
June 2013
Elias Redstone
Editor in Chief, London Architecture Diary
May 2013
Shumi Bose
Assistant Editor at Blueprint Magazine
April 2013
Gabrielle Omar
Architect and founder 'Tea with an Architect'
March 2013
Owen Hopkins
Architecture Programme Manager at the Royal Academy of Arts
February 2013
Darryl Chen
Co-founder, Tomorrow's Thoughts Today;
Urbanist, HawkinsBrown