Every month architects and industry insiders share their recommendations for the best exhibitions and events to visit in London.

September 2014
Rory Hyde
Curator of Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism

September is all about the London Design Festival, and this year there’s plenty of architecture in the mix to keep you busy. Here are my top picks to help you cut through the programme. 


The V&A is once again the LDF hub, with architectural installations, and artworks. Zaha Hadid presents ‘Crest’, an elegant vault of aluminium arching across the museum’s garden pond. Design duo Barber and Osgerby have created ‘Double Space’, a massive kinetic installation – again of highly-polished aluminium – which will rotate within the Raphael galleries, creating unusual reflections of the art and visitors. Ceramicist James Rigler presents ‘Military Secret’, an installation inside Trajan’s Column, the largest object in the museum, offering a rare chance for visitors to take a peek inside this massive structure. 


Also part of LDF, Airbnb presents ‘A Place Called Home’, four pavilions in Trafalgar Square “each presenting a personal vision of home”. Designers include Patternity, Raw Edges, Studioilse and Jasper Morrison, who has designed a home of a pigeon fancier, “because who else would choose to live in Trafalgar Square?”


More pavilions, this time at the Building Centre, where Architecture Zero Zero and Arup are building the Wikihouse 4.0, the world’s first open source, digitally-fabricated house. This prototype pushes the Wikihouse system into new territories, exploring the possibilities of multiple storeys. 


Beyond LDF, the other big theme in London architecture is photography, with new exhibitions at the Barbican and RIBA. ‘Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age’, opening on the 25th of September, draws together works from seminal photographers from across the globe, including Andreas Gursky, Bas Princen, Thomas Struth and – every architects’ choice of the moment – Iwan Baan. Check out the associated film and events programme for conversations and screenings expanding the exhibition. The RIBA present ‘Ordinary Beauty: The Photography of Edwin Smith’, one of Britain’s foremost 20th century photographers, with an eye for capturing the intimate social moments that cities fleetingly throw up.

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