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March 2019
Vanessa Norwood
Creative Director
The Building Centre

March is a month of unpredictable weather; rainy, sunny, cool and warm in turns. Blue skies yet saturated ground brings the risk of ruining new shoes. Best to stay indoors for a while yet.


At The Building Centre one can stroll through the forest and keep your feet dry. Our Forest of Fabrication - dRMM: pioneers of timber architecture exhibition presents architectural models beautifully displayed on logs rather than generic plinths. The exhibition demonstrates the possibilities of modern timber construction through the lens of the Stirling Prize-winning architectural practice and features twenty-four critically acclaimed projects that have pushed design boundaries through their exploration of the opportunities and challenges of timber structures. Forest of Fabrication celebrates the capabilities of engineered timber, from concept to construction. Director Alex de Rijke will lead two lunchtime talks during March that focus more fully on aspects of the practice’s work from investigative play to use of materials.


A highlight of the accompanying public programme is a talk on the 27th of March with Maggie’s Centre founder Charles Jencks together in conversation with Alex de Rijke, architect of Maggie’s Oldham, and Benedetta Tagliabue, director of Miralles Tagliabue EMBT and architect of the new Kãlida Sant Pau Centre in Barcelona. 


By the end of the month spring has officially arrived and the northern hemisphere tips optimistically towards the sun. Celebrate by joining us for the Store Street Spring Market on the 30th of March kicking off at 11am with Alex de Rijke’s second exhibition tour of the month. Later in the day you’ll have the opportunity to join artist and printmaker Alex Booker for an afternoon of woodcut printing. You’ll learn to carve your own timber inspired prints from Japanese Shina blocks using traditional Japanese wood cutting tools.


If you want a more urban experience but still feel weather shy; The Building Centre’s co-habitees New London Architecture’s exhibition London Tall Buildings 2019 allows for an appraisal of tall buildings, considering both the challenges and potential of the typology and their effect on the urban landscape of London.


The Architecture Foundation’s Architecture on Stage series at the Barbican are a reliable source of inspiration and delight. During March there are two talks that promise to live up to their impressive standards. Alessandra Cianchetta is an architect and founding partner of AWP, an architecture practice based in Paris and London, and she’ll be speaking about her work on the 14th of March. Later in the month Gordon Benson, founder of Benson + Forsyth, will present the practice’s major projects.


Rainy day from which to seek shelter? Head to the Royal Academy’s Architecture Studio to see the exhibition Invisible Landscapes: Imagination (Act III) and take in installation pieces by four practices – Gilles Retsin Architecture, ScanLab Projects, Keiichi Matsuda and Soft Bodies – tasked with responding to how the virtual world might transform physical space and vice versa. Not to be missed at the RA is Phyllida Barlow’s exhibition cul-de-sac. Barlow’s wonderful large-scale site-specific imaginary architectures are joyously formed using materials including plaster, cardboard and cement and are the perfect antidote to March’s confused climate.

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