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June 2020
Federico Ortiz
London Architecture Diary

"May you live in interesting times," goes the saying, and so they are this June. Interesting times indeed for the London Festival of Architecture, which normally takes place in June every year across London and has continued to grow, adapt and evolve since its inception in 2004.


But 2020 is a year like no other. LFA organisers have announced a delay to the physical programme of events this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and have launched LFA Digital, a new programme of curated digital and online events throughout the month of June. And here are our top picks!


The theme this year is ‘power’ and what better way to start interrogating this topic and its implications in our everyday lives than through a daily selection of powerful symbolic objects? In “30 Objects in 30 Days” 30 leading architects, designers, curators, writers, journalists and leading thinkers nominate and present one object that they feel represents power and architecture.


As the world goes digital, it is essential to consider the power of technology and its impact on contemporary spaces and buildings. Created by Space Popular, Freestyle: Architectural Adventures in Mass Media is an exhibition at the RIBA that uses VR technology to explore key moments in the evolution of architectural styles over the last 500 years. Before the actual exhibition re-opens, you can enjoy an online virtual tour of FREESTYLE with curator Shumi Bose.


This exciting new LFA programme allows the festival to go international. So you can, for example, visit Adolf Loos’ Villa Winternitz in Prague from the comfort of your sofa. Join a live stream tour of the house that revolutionised domestic interiors with the innovative concept of the “Raumplan”, allowing multi-level spaces to be interconnected while uncovering a world of sensual interiors.


Going digital can also allow more people to get involved. As an audience you can actively participate in creating Mail Art in the form of postcards or making a dolls’ house in a shoebox. There is great power in educating yourself and others, so why not join Caramel Rock in their “African Textile Heritage Event Day” where you can learn about the heritage of African culture and then create your own pattern cutting fashion dress in the convenience of your home.


And finally, you can’t miss the great “Architecture Bake Off”. Each year London’s leading architecture practices have competed fiercely against each other, but this year the bake off is open to everyone. Baking takes place from 1 - 8 June and the results will be announced at a special live event on June 11. On your marks, get set…

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