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London Visions: Exaggerated realities for possible futures

19 January - 15 April
Organized by: Museum of London
150 London Wall

The future has never felt closer than it does today. 20 years ago we thought that computers would be infected by the Millennium bug and malfunction; we thought that we would holiday on Mars and commute to work using spaceships. All these past visions of the future projected an unreal fantasy, populated with UFOs and robots. This exhibition features art and design exploring possible futures for London.



The visions in the exhibition are based on exaggerated scenarios, unexpected, and often paradoxical, aiming to raise questions, and to provoke discussions about life in the future. They depict speculative urbanisms or exaggerated presents, in which we can imagine the wonders and possibilities of the future.



By exaggerating the present and extrapolating from what is happening around us, we can envision speculative scenarios in the future that spark our imagination and trigger us to ask ourselves: Is this how the future of London will look?



Inspiring London Gallery

10:00am - 5:50pm