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Constructed Topography

27 April - 31 May
Organized by: The Foundry Gallery
39 Old Church Street

Repeatedly working from the same site; a working limestone quarry not far from the birth of Modernism in the South of France the artist Tooney Philips work is primarily abstract in nature. For the last twenty-five years drawing on her experience as an architect and her fascination with this strange and unfamiliar landscape Phillips has developed a body of work for her solo exhibition “Constructed Topography’ where she has explored questions of how to record three-dimensional space in two-dimensions, how to draw the negative spaces, the voids, dealing with our perception of flatness and depth in the plane of the paper.


The spatial characteristics of the quarry that has been created over 2000 years of the repetitive cutting out of blocks allows for this exploration of the equivalence between solid and void.