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How does the city move you? On bodies, identity and urban design

30 June 12:30 - 19:30
Organized by: Theatrum Mundi & Siobhan Davies Studios
Venue: , Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Rd

Our cities are built based on generalised ideas about human bodies and how we move. What if choreography could challenge these assumptions and help urban design imagine more diverse identities?


Theatrum Mundi and Siobhan Davies Dance present an afternoon bringing researchers and practitioners from urbanism and dance into dialogue. The event explores how choreographic thinking could inform urban design and planning, broadening our understanding of the relationships between bodies, movement and the city.


Speakers include:

Siobhan Davies, Siobhan Davies Dance; Richard Sennett, LSE Sociology; Ellie Cosgrave, UCL STEaPP; Akil Scafe-Smith, Public Practice / Resolve Collective; Sara Adhitya, UCL Engineering; Rosemary Lee, choreographer; Sam Causer, Studio Sam Causer