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Adrian Forty - Bartlett International Lecture Series

24 October 18:30 - 20:00
Organized by: The Bartlett School of Architecture
Venue: Bartlett School of Architecture, Christopher Ingold Lecture Theatre
22 Gordon Street
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Architectural Historian Adrian Forty discusses disappointment.


Disappointment is not a noble, nor a grand emotion.  Unworthy, even shameful, it hardly registers on the scale of affect.  Nonetheless it is commonplace, and could be said to have become our default emotion for experiences of all kinds.  Barely mentioned in the study of the emotions, disappointment pervades modern life.  How have writers and artists treated it?  And, more particularly, how does architecture, more prone to disappointment than probably any other art, deal with its many disappointments?  

This is a talk for all who have known disappointment.


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