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Landscape Citizenships: A Symposium

16 November 09:00 - 17:00
Organized by: University of Greenwich, University of Toronto
Venue: , Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square

Grounded in the discourses of ecological, watershed, and bioregional citizenships, this symposium seeks to evaluate belonging through the idea of landscape as landship. This describes substantive, mutually constitutive relations between people and place. The emerging fields of landscape justice and landscape democracy form a background against which to examine issues from folkways to the virtual, migration and inhabitation, nationalism, and speculative futures.


Speakers: Rachael DeWitt, John Wylie, Paula Crutchlow, Volkhardt Muller, John Drever, Chris Hunt, Joern Langhorst, Danika Cooper, Dane Carlson, Anna S. Antonova, Jala Makhzoumi, Christopher Marcinkoski, Cathrine De Almeida, Zannah Mæ Matson, Maria Gabriella Trovato, Mary M. Nelan


Organisers and chairs: Tim Waterman, Ed Wall , Jane Wolff, Shelley Egoz, Kenneth R. Olwig