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Architecture on Film: Flag Wars

06 November 20:30 - 22:00
Organized by: Barbican
Venue: , Barbican
Cinema 3
Beech St

The UK premiere of Laura Poitras (Citizenfour) and Linda Goode Bryant’s award winning observation of a black working class neighbourhood as it receives an influx of white homosexual homebuyers, forcing identity, capitalism and community into a collision.



The UK premiere of a SXSW award winning, Emmy nominated documentary observing the complex urban conflicts at play when a black working class neighbourhood in Columbus, Ohio receives an influx of white homosexual homebuyers. Using the tools of cinema verité, with great intimacy, nuance and balance the film watches as identity, politics, capitalism and community collide with the American Dream of homeownership.


Shot over four years, during which time Richard Florida would publish his controversial treatise on the role of the ‘creative class’ and ‘gay index’ in urban regeneration, Flag Wars offers a careful case study of gentrification, depicting the subtle drama of urban redevelopment as it plays out on the street, over the dinner table, in the courtroom and at the estate agent’s.


Directed by Linda Goode Bryant (subsequent founder of the non-profit Active Citizen Project) and co-directed, as her first film, by the now highly acclaimed, Academy Award winning filmmaker Laura Poitras(CitizenfourRisk), Flag Wars candidly concerns itself with the consequences and processes of urban change, observing the plight of two historically oppressed communities battling to secure, or maintain, a place to call home.


USA, 2003, Linda Goode Bryant, Laura Poitras, 86 mins