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25 February 18:30 - 20:00
Venue: Architectural Association, Lecture Hall
36 Bedford Square

Architectural practices often invest heavily in procuring projects through winner-takes-all competition. In light of the architectural profession running such high risks, this discussion will seek out overlooked forms of practising that allow for a less precarious and more sustainable risk-taking. We will investigate ways to tackle the lack of mutual understanding between architects and the public at large, as an issue that has held our discipline captive. Furthermore, we will ask how architects could develop the metrics to evaluate their impact on society in order to retain their agency in the coming decades.


Through a series of conversations, Critical Practice brings together leading European architectural practitioners that through their projects and attitudes challenge the conventions of contemporary practice, to examine and rethink relationships between the profession and the network of actors and conditions surrounding it.


The series is organised and chaired by AA Diploma students Love Di Marco, Tobias Hentzer Dausgaard and Arya Arabshahi.