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McCullough Mulvin Architects: Wild Irish

01 May 19:30 - 20:00
Organized by: Building on the Built
Venue: , Jonathan Tuckey Design
58 Milson Road

The Dublin-based practice of McCullough Mulvin Architects was founded in 1986 by Valerie Mulvin and Niall McCullough. They have since been joined by Directors Ruth O’Herlihy, Corán O’Connor and Ronan O’Connor. The practice has developed a reputation for deeply-considered, innovative and contextually sensitive work which seeks to bind together historic legacies, present needs and ambitions for a sustainable future.


“Combining the word radical and conservation is not about scouring away the patterns of age, more about looking at things without fear, as architecture, without subscribing to doctrinaire rules. It involves a close survey of the physical artefact, incorporating the history of place into the architectural idea, using that knowledge to find soft spots for change within the fabric and making well-grounded contemporary proposals. The integration of old and new creates a reflexive architecture, not an embalmment, but something optimistic, transformatory and energetic which echoes 21st century heterotrophic realities. The practice also believes that interventive architecture is quietly different in different locations; Ireland, with its conflicted history, has particular opportunities for using radical conservation as a way of dealing with the past. These opportunities, of immense cultural potential, are barely recognised. These themes will be explored with reference to current projects including St Marys Medieval Mile Museum, Kilkenny.”


McCullough Mulvin Architects are currently shortlisted for the 2019 Mies van der Rohe Award for their St Mary’s Medieval Mile Museum. A monograph entitled McCullough Mulvin Arquitectura 2004-2015 was published by TC Cuadernos in 2015.


Niall McCullough and Ruth O’Herlihy will be speaking at the offices of Jonathan Tuckey Design, 58 Milson Road at 7:30pm on Wednesday 1st May 2019.


This event is free but places are limited. Please RSVP to rsvp@buildingonthebuilt.org