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ROOKERIES, RAILWAYS & RADICALS: Architecture Down The Fleet River

01 June 10:30 - 12:30
Organized by: The London Ambler
DEPARTS in front of Kings Cross mainline station
Euston Road
N1 9AL

Weaving a route from Highgate to the Thames, The River Fleet is one of London’s most celebrated yet notorious water courses. Long buried in a network of sewers and pipes, the Fleet has been both life source and life taker. It has carved out a landscape of urban hills, ditches, slums and warehouses that became the epicentre for commercial speculators, railway pioneers, reformers and revolutionary political agitators of the 19th and early 20th century city.


From hidden viaducts and railway monuments to model dwellings, Grecian villas and constructivism, this walk treads the quaggy banks and oozy wells of the Fleet Valley to chart the architecture and buildings of London's most radical of arteries.


A walk led by The London Ambler - Mike Althorpe.