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Architecture on Film: The Hidden City + Under Night Streets

02 July 18:45 - 20:25
Organized by: The Architecture Foundation
Venue: Barbican
Silk Street

A sensory, symphonic, sci-fi voyage through subterranean Madrid meets a night on the 1950s London Underground. Two cinematic trips into the depths of the hidden metropolis.


THE HIDDEN CITY [London Premiere] (Spain, France, Germany, 2018, Victor Moreno, 80 mins)


A sensorial, sub-urban symphony, Victor Moreno’s Hidden City transforms Madrid’s vast underground infrastructure into an alien, cinematic baroque.


“One of the outstanding documentary discoveries of the year”Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily


What at first looks intergalactic, is gradually revealed to be the universe beneath our feet, on a journey of space exploration into the physical and psychic depths of the man made guts of a metropolis – a place where the subterranean and subconscious meet.


“Creating a dreamlike state, converting the scenes into a dance, fluctuating between the real and the imaginary, documentary and science fiction, consciousness and subconsciousness, “The Hidden City” is a derive; a winding journey not only through a concrete space but also through a state of mind.”– Victor Moreno


Illuminated only by the available underground light – headlamps, LCD control displays, night vision surveillance and glimmers through grates – as images flicker across the screen this voyage into the darkness is rendered as pure cinema, with meticulously crafted sound design adding further shape to the shadows.




UNDER NIGHT STREETS  (UK, 1958, Ralph Keene, 19 mins)


Sixty years prior to The Hidden City, the celebrated, award winning British Transport Films unit depict a 1950s night on the London Underground, presenting the drama of the nocturnal labour required to keep the daytime city on the move. Narrated with great panache by actor Gordon Jackson (Upstairs, Downstairs, The Professionals). Screening from a 35mm print, from the collection of the London Transport Museum.