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Article 25: A Positive Alternative to Poverty

10 June - 28 June
Organized by: Canary Wharf Group
Venue: , Lobby
One Canada Square
Canary Wharf
E14 5AB

Showcasing Article 25’s Designs for a Positive Alternative to Poverty, the exhibition presents architectural models accompanied by inspirational photographs by Grant Smith.


We can often feel bound by physical and mental barriers in our everyday lives. Whether confined by a packed tube on a congested commute, frustrated by finance making you think twice before buying that special meal, or suffering a mental block stopping you overcome a personal challenge, boundaries often get in our way. Imagine that those boundaries are stopping you from ever being taught in a decent school, or preventing you from access to vital medical care, simply because there isn't a school in your village, or a hospital anywhere near where you live. Perhaps you are literally picking up the pieces after your home was hit by another earthquake.


Article 25 provides a positive alternative to poverty, whose work empowers communities to use design, engineering and construction capabilities that lift individuals and communities towards a brighter future. By combining skilled local workers with an unskilled local workforce, channelling that community effort towards building schools, hospitals and homes in communities struck by disaster, conflict and poverty, access to health, education and safe homes is improved.