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The Circular Economy - Knowledge Cafe

08 October 17:30 - 20:00
Organized by: City Architecture Forum
8 Fitzroy Street

The circular economy seeks to decouple economic growth from resource consumption by creating value in new ways.  This directly address' issues of resource scarcity, productivity and climate footprint through new business models and customer experiences.


Organisations such as the World Economic Forum, OECD and the EU have recognised the importance of a circular economy to achieving global economic and environmental goals. The principles of a circular economy can help projects tackle even the hardest-to-mitigate aspects of their climate footprint.


Analysis shows that circular economy has to-date primarily been used as a design and materials strategy. What if we were to use circular economy as a business strategy? This would allow us to embed circular thinking in investment decisions, revenue models and the supply chain. We think this is how the true value of circular economy in real estate will be realised.


Join the City Architecture Forum for another Arup knowledge café to explore how this thinking might apply to the City of London. We will be joined by Arup experts in economics, planning, architecture and circular economy to discuss through small groups and interactive sessions what the implications might be for strategic briefs, leasing strategies, positioning of assets in the market and more.



Arup facilitators will bring expertise in the following areas:


Business investment advisory,

Deep Refurbishment,


Circular architecture,