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Vanishing Points

27 September - 09 November
Organized by: The Foundry Gallery
Venue: , The Foundry Gallery
39 Old Church Street

Vanishing Points is a new exhibition of a new site-specific installation by the artists Rosalind Davis & Justin Hibbs.


With further events including:


Rosalind will be in the gallery to greet guests and talk about the exhibition - 4 October 2-4pm


Evening event - Thursday 16 October 6-8.30pm


Closing event - Saturday 9 November From 3pm (More details to be announced)


Davis and Hibbs’ collaboration brings together different aspects of their respective practices to create transformative and experiential installations. Their work investigates “how space can be deceivingly bordered, walled, outlined and mirrored.” Jillian Knipe. The works are constructed site specifically, using modular elements such as steel frameworks and mirrored sculptures that both reflect and reconfigure the space, acting as an endlessly changing compositional device that creates a disorientating and mesmerising effect.


The title of the exhibition alludes to the question of vanishing points within the work; are they illusory as in a reflection or are they physically real? It also relates to the formal language of architecture and linear perspective in drawing, which have long used geometrical methods such as the vanishing point to represent three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional surface.