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Learn to build an Urban Aquaponics system

16 November 10:00 - 16:00
Organized by: Green Lab
Venue: , Green Lab
Corner of Collett and Keeton's Road
SE16 4EE
Introduction into Urban Aquaponics. Visit Green Lab in Bermondsey for a hands on workshop on how to design and build your own urban aquaponic system.


We’ll show you how to grow your own food using fish waste and a water recirculating system. Using low cost equipment and recycled materials you’ll learn how to source, design and build a system for your home or garden.


You'll come away with a better understanding of


- How to design an urban aquaponic system

- Learn about which fish to chose, and how to look after then

- Grow leafy greens and fruiting plants

- Fish biology, water chemistry and basic farming techniques


Pricing £120 per person


Find Green Lab at www.greenlab.org/findus