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The principles of building physics and energy-efficient strategie

08 September 18:00 - 20:30
Organized by: RIBA London
Venue: RIBA
Royal Institute of British Architects
66 Portland Place

When considering the principles of building physics and climate-responsive design, it is important to focus on how these may impact energy demand, carbon emissions, occupant comfort and well-being. This seminar will highlight important environmental design aspects, which are recommended to be considered during early design stages and will introduce tools which can assist during the design process.

In details, this seminar will look to enhance your knowledge in the following areas:


- The energy balance principle and how different building fabric parameters and internal heat gains influence energy demand; including building form, glazing ratios, u-values, g-values and particularly infiltration and ventilation

- Thermal comfort assessment methods for mechanically ventilated buildings and the application of adaptive comfort models for naturally ventilated spaces

- Climate analysis to identify the effectiveness and potential of different passive design strategies such as thermal mass and natural ventilation

- Overheating risk assessments in line with CIBSE TM52 and TM59 methodologies. This is a very important aspect, especially when considering higher summer temperatures and the increase in heat waves frequency

- Different natural ventilation strategies, including single-sided, cross-ventilation and stack effect. Aspects related to mechanical ventilation

- Visual comfort and daylighting principles including daylight factors, climate-based daylight modelling and circadian daylighting

- Outdoor comfort assessments with reference to the Universal Thermal Climate Index and Lawson criteria

- Wellbeing: the impact of temperature, humidity, daylighting and indoor air quality on wellbeing, highlighting target design criteria and best practice recommendations


Speaker: Herman Calleja, chapmanbdspHerman is an associate environmental consultant and head of R&D at chapmanbdsp, where he has collaborated with various design teams on residential and non-domestic schemes of different scales with regards to occupant comfort, façade design and low energy strategies. He completed, with distinction, the AA MArch SED programme in 2012, where he currently teaches. Herman has practiced as an architect, is RIBA chartered and a BREEAM accredited professional. He presented to CIBSE YEPG, at PLEA, NCEUB and other conferences. He was on the CIBSE Building Simulation Group 2018 prize winning team and was recently selected for an EU COST collaboration.