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Place making, what's the future of place?

10 November 18:00 - 20:30
Organized by: RIBA London
Venue: RIBA
Royal Institute of British Architects
66 Portland Place

What are the diverse futures of place? The role of design is important in creating places and delivering homes for the future. The interactive and informative seminar will be offering an understanding of the cultural, social and environmental challenges of shaping places. During this seminar, there will be discussion of how you, as architects, can broaden your knowledge to integrate public realm, movement planning and urban design in your practice and/or work collaboratively with other disciplines and communities. In detail, the seminar will offer the following:


- Test how the NPPF and the forthcoming PPG on design can offer a better platform for architects to lead and contribute to positive place shaping

- Explore how drivers such as climate change, health and demography will inform place in the future

- Offer case studies and expand upon recent RIBA national initiatives such as Design Matters and Future Place

- Discuss opportunities to work together to strengthen expertise about the policies, tools and processes that can shape places such as design frameworks, codes, design guides, charrettes and national standards

- Explore case studies from the RIBA’s Design Matters and Future Place initiatives, Public Practice, the national Design Network and more


Speaker: Juliet Bidgood, Juliet Bidgood A+UJuliet is an architect/urbanist, who works at a range of scales and sees placemaking as a process of dialogue between architecture and urbanism. Her work is informed by action research and recent projects include CIAM6, Cities Re-imagined and Glastonbury Instant City. Juliet is a RIBA client adviser and was a senior adviser and enabler at CABE. She currently chairs a Housing Excellence Design Review panel for the SWDRP and the Bristol Urban Design Forum. As a founding partner of muf Architecture/Art, she created a shared body of work that has been widely published including the monograph This is what we do.


Speaker: Annabel Keegan, Phil Jones AssociatesAnnabel is a qualified urban designer and transport planner with a background in architecture. She has over eighteen years of experience in multidisciplinary consultant teams, specialising in the delivery of design-led projects. Annabel is currently a member of numerous national design review panels and is a BFL12 assessor. She leads the Birmingham Urban Design team at PJA and is involved in a range of project types from residential master planning to developing innovative street and public realm designs. Annabel is practically minded and passionate about achieving synergy between movement planning and urban design and can bring this experience to the training sessions.