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Designing for health

11 May 18:30 - 20:00
Organized by: Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House

In this talk, we invite our speakers to consider how we understand spaces for health. From hospitals and care centres to rehabilitation facilities, they will discuss how these examples could inspire better cities for all.


What makes a healing space? Is it light, good ventilation and efficiency; principles architects have continued to champion throughout the 20th century? Or should we instead be looking more broadly to include access to nature, opportunities for human connections, and flexibility?


After a 15-minute introduction from the chair, the speakers will discuss how environments that help better our physical and mental health are created. Could these principles be applied to other areas of life and not just be limited to specialist spaces? How can we create better and healthier cities for everyone?


There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the discussion.


Tickets: £15 / £9 reductions


More info here.