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Revolutionary Black British Women

11 March 18:30 - 21:30
Organized by: BLAM Charity
Venue: , Battersea Arts Centre
The Scratch Hub
Lavender Hill
Theatre Road
SW11 5TN

Join BLAM Charity as they celebrate International Women's Day by looking at the lives of 6 inspiring and unique Black British Women


A safe space to centre our experiences with a mixed inter-generational panel.


Leila Hassan Howe - is a seasoned activist and writer. Her activism began in 1960s and it led her to working with the likes of Olive Morris, Darcus Howe and Eric Huntley. She campaigned for the Arts Council to recognise 'The Notting Hill carnival' as an art form. Leila worked for the Institute of Race Relations think tank from 1970; became the deputy editor in 1973 and editor in 1985. Recently, she contributed to the book 'Race Today Anthology' looking the historical impact of the Race Today Magazine.


Janine Francios - is a Black Feminist cultural critic writer and Lecturer (University of the Arts London), who writes candidly about race and its connection to academia art, culture and heritage. Janine is a PhD student at the University of Bedfordshire / Tate. She is researching whether Tate can be a safe(r) space to discuss race and cultural difference within a teaching and learning context. She wrote a piece on twitter called “interest divergence”, it discussed why whiteness often aligns with the white power structure rather than with class solidarity with POC; this thread has over 20k likes.


Korina Holmes - is an intersectional Feminist and Retail Lawyer, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that the narratives of Black Women are included. This led to her taking part in a Ted Ed Talk in which she looked at ‘how Black Women have been excluded from the hair enterprise business, that many Asian Men have taken over and dominated’. Her passion for women has led her to becoming a GLA candidate to represent Lambeth and Southwark as a Member of the London Assembly for the Women's Equality Party.


Edem Barbara Ntumy - is a community activist, organiser and a social entrepreneur. Shen supports African women in business and founded Sassy Apparel UK to do this. She currently works for The ‘Naz Project’ ensuring sexual health services are better serving BAME communities. She is also a part of decolonise contraception.

Amja Unabashedly - is an Artist and Domestic Abuse Advocate. Amja is an artist who uses her work to discuss her lived experiences. She also champions African women and culture in her art work. She uses her art work as a space for healing women affected by domestic abuse, as she is a survivor of Domestic abuse.


Plantain chips are being provided on the night by our generous sponsors Sumno Foods.


This event is a fundraiser for all our community based projects.