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A live stream tour of Adolf Loos’ Villa Winternitz

18 June 17:00
Organized by: London Festival of Architecture

Architect Adam Gebrian will guide you through the recently restored 1932 Prague Villa Winternitz, the last project of Adolf Loos, the Czech-born pioneer of modern architecture, revealing a powerful architectural concept still influential today and the tumultuous history of the villa and its owners.


Experience the overall effect of walking through a prime example of Loos’ Raumplan, an innovative spatial concept dividing a building into interconnected multi-level spaces. Discover a complex interior structuring the space into a sequence of stepped areas including an impressive double-height living room, a dining room and a drawing room with interior wall cut-outs framing views into adjoining rooms. This contrasts with the simple cubic shape and white, austere façade of the villa, divided only by terraces and windows and embodying the principles expounded by Loos in his seminal essay “Ornament and Crime”.


Organised by the Czech Centre in collaboration with MALL.TV and Villa Winternitz. Part of a series of events celebrating the 150th anniversary of Adolf Loos’ birth.




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