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‘Windows on the World’: A People Power (Re)Presentation

01 June - 30 June
Organized by: London Festival of Architecture

'Windows on the World' is Velorose's second Mail Art project, and is developed specifically for LFA Digital. Every postcard received will be exhibited on the Velorose website and in social media daily updates.


You are invited to become the architect-artist, by creating and sending to the gallery your own take on the Outside-Looking-In, and / or the Inside-Looking-Out. At a time when we cannot congregate in person, we are taking the opportunity to showcase the power of each and every person to communicate how they see the environment that humankind has built for itself.


As it arrives, each postcard will be exhibited online (web, and social media) and ultimately 'for real' in an actual exhibition at first only visible through the Velorose gallery windows. Each postcard thus becomes a window of its own, its creator looking out and its viewers looking in. And because the artworks and architectural representations are yet to arrive, this vision of the built environment is not only yet to be discovered, but it's there to be developed by you, handing power to the people.


For centuries, windows have represented power in its many guises, from the rose windows of churches and the opulence of Venetian glass to the window-walls of Hardwick Hall and Modernism to the net-curtained windows of the working class.