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Beyond 2050 - Digital exhibition

15 June - 30 September
Organized by: MSMR Architects
Venue: , Online

MSMR's digital exhibition for LFA 2020 will remain online and free to view until September. Please visit www.msmrcreate.com


From large-scale iconic structures that dominate the city skyline, to smaller, evocative sculptures, or even temporary pop-up installations that transform a public space, London is filled with architectural design that has a powerful influence on both the individual and the collective experience.


Thinking about this in tandem with the drive to create a more sustainable city (and the ambitious net-zero carbon pledge for 2050), the MSMR team have explored the power of good design and how architecture of the past and present can extend its positive influence into the future.


The online exhibition presents ideas for a re-imagined, future London, a city with both retained and original forms alongside the adapted, adjusted and totally transformed.