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Transforming Walsall Fund

07 July - 31 July
Organized by: Andre-Donovan Reid

CanWE: transform Walsall into a world leading place to live; a space of creativity & innovation - building power with people through making and experimentation.




It’s time to invest in Walsall; a town that has for too long been neglected, lacked the infrastructure and leadership to support its diverse and growing communities. We are starting by dedicating the next  decade to kick-start Walsall’s transformation; aiming to shift its narrative as a place of degradation and social divide, into a thriving place to live for all.


This phase of funding will supply 5% of our £500,000 investment target; helping to create a central node for communities living here, to reshape their town. With this £25,000 our team will:


+ Secure the 6000 sq ft,  listed property on  Walsall’s civic centre on the High Street for community use.


+ Support the co-design & architecture process to transform the space into a vivid community asset.


+ Kickstart our community-led initiatives supporting   local groups to experiment by distributing  micro grants