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Help Brainchild Through this Crisis

07 July - 31 July
Organized by: Brainchild Festival

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to cancel Brainchild Festival 2020. Not only are we heartbroken that we can't give you all the magic weekend we had been working so hard to create, but the cost of cancelling has been devastating to our already very meagre finances. We've lost a significant sum of money on the festival, and have also lost our only source of income and are faced with a huge challenge to keep Brainchild alive. 


As many of you will know, Brainchild has never had a lot of money. We built it from scratch when we were just 19, and ever since have prioritised the affordability and independence of our festival over making big profits.


After six hugely challenging and amazing years of volunteering all our time on Brainchild, we'd FINALLY made a roadmap for our future that could protect us as a sponsor-free, values-led festival with a paid team. 


But then this pandemic hit. We spent £20,000 producing our festival and party at the Vaults, and we can get none of this money back. We don't have reserves to fall back on, and this financial challenge threatens all of our progress and our dreams of an uncompromised Brainchild - we really need your help to weather this storm and protect our future.   

Through donating at checkout, claiming partial refunds & making straight up donations, some of you have already given us a massive head-start, without which we'd be staring at an even greater financial blackhole. Thanks to you guys, we've been able to knock 5K off this target, but there's still a long way to go.