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Unseen Architecture Part 1

17 September 12:00 - 13:30
Organized by: Sto Werkstatt and Musicity
Venue: , Online Event

Musicity and Sto Werkstatt are proud to present ‘Unseen Architecture’, a sequence of two online events this Autumn that explore sound and space from the perspective of architects, designers and musicians.


Unseen Architecture’ celebrates the launch of MSCTY EXPO (curated by Nick Luscombe and Clare Farrow) a set of commissioned music pieces and experimental sound art realised in response to the acoustic qualities and concepts of specific unrealised buildings or imagined architectural projects from seven prominent architects. By bringing together architects, musicians and acousticians, these events are an opportunity to consider the creative possibilities of sound at the design stage of architecture, and to explore the links between architecture, music and acoustics.


Hosted by Musicity's Nick Luscombe this first discussion in our series will take its starting point in the imagined sounds, ideas, treasures and spaces in Elsie Owusu’s project “A Gallery for Returning Treasures” and Ab Rogers’ proposal for a cocoon like environment for the recent Wellcome Collection “Living with Buildings” open call. Yuri Suzuki and Chisara Agor will also give their perspectives on creating sound for spaces.


Guest Speakers:


Chisara Agor, Interdisciplinary songwriter, actor and performer.


Ab Rogers, Founder of Ab Rogers Design.


Elsie Owusu, Principal of Elsie Owusu Architects.


Yuri Suzuki, Sound artist, designer and electronic musician.


The design of good building acoustics is an unseen architecture and Sto are proud to support Musicity in the production of these events. The launch of MSCTY EXPO this Autumn highlights the diverse sonic potentials of considering sound at the design and concept stage of an architectural project. And in turn, the ways in which sound has the unique ability to invisibly colour and enhance the qualities of a building. Sto have a complete portfolio of acoustic reverberation control systems and the expertise to provide an acoustic solution for any interior project satisfying both visual and audible qualities of a building. Explore the StoSilent Acoustic range here.