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Architecture, View Through the Window of History

10 October - 20 October
Organized by: Emina Camdzic
Venue: , Eminent [Outlet/ Platform]
Online via Eminent [Outlet/ Platform]

Bosnian Architect Emina Camdzic’s Photography Exhibition at London Festival of Architecture 2020


Online exhibition on the theme of sustainability in architecture and climate change.


During the LFA (London Festival of Architecture), Emina Camdzic will have her photography exhibition 'Architecture, View Through the Window of History' shown online from 10th to 20th October via Eminent [Outlet/ Platform].


It is an exhibition of photographs of traditional houses, listed buildings and details, understanding how people lived and live today, and the relationship residents have with buildings through history window.


This exhibition is made of photographs taken during the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis took its toll. In the photography exhibition prepared by architect Emina Camdzic, are shown buildings through the window of history, a view on listed buildings, houses from different time periods, materials and techniques shown in detail. The exhibition, with buildings in Emina's current surrounding in Bosnia, is portraying the relationship between buildings and residents, owners and local tourists. Showing sustainability in architecture and addressing issues such as climate change, while educating with this exhibition, we are creating healthy environments, respecting the natural and built environment. The exhibition is organized by Emina Camdzic, BA Dip.Arch. MA.


Speaking about her exhibition Emina said: 


“I  am humbled to be back at LFA and have my work shown in London and the world, this time in form of online photography exhibition. I hope that through this work I can show the potential of sustainability in architecture during the crisis of climate change and the current pandemic. I hope this exhibition will make you feel the connection with buildings through history window and enjoy the shown architecture.“


For more information on Emina's work, please visit the website: www.eminent-atelier.com


Further information on LFA2020: www.londonfestivalofarchitecture.org.