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'Revealing the City' - FutureWork

23 February 18:30 - 19:30
Organized by: City Architecture Forum

City Architecture Forum's 2021 'Revealing the City’ lecture series opens the door on some of the most exciting developments happening in the City of London.



Fletcher Priest’s FutureWork explores the evolving workplace and how and where we might work in future. The short animation is the co-winner of the BCO’s (British Council for Offices) NextGen Design Competition 2020. Instead of presenting final design solutions, it aims to encourage discussion about the workplace as a network of connected places where people work.


While the flexibility and informality of home working was hailed as the future of work at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, remote working has emphasised the value of face-to-face interaction and collaboration. Can the traditional office survive shifting work patterns, or will it become an important part of a networked workplace where choice and flexibility are the future?


For us, the challenge is to draw the strands of conversations over the past 12 months together and look to a future beyond the pandemic to ask questions about how buildings can better support people, health, and the environment.