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Why keep work in the office when we have the city?

18 June 18:00 - 20:00
Organized by: Gensler
Aldgate House
33 Aldgate High Street

Last year, Gensler engaged in a research project called “Work in the City,” where our entire firm was looking at new ways of working in the cities we are located in.


In the past eight years the city of London has seen tremendous growth in locations where work is carried out beyond the corporate office. This includes coffee shops, public buildings, parks, co-working spaces, event spaces, bars and restaurants. We are calling these ‘third spaces’.


Due to significant advances in technology freeing employees from the traditional ‘office desk’, coupled with corporate policies which allow for remote working, many people now have a choice whether to use alternative locations to work. In the case of start-up businesses, many employees are choosing to work wholly from co-working spaces instead of investing in (or being ‘locked down’ by) office real estate investments.


To this end, we have been exploring the following two phenomenons:

How will office environments change to counter or embrace this trend? What will future ‘Third Spaces’ become? How can these spaces respond in order to better support the industry clusters that they are embedded in?


This panel discussion will bring together industry experts, researchers, academics and cross sector clients that are currently exploring and even embracing these new types of working environments, to share their insights and thoughts on what they believe to be the future of work.


Spaces are limited. To reserve your place please email: eu_events@gensler.com.