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Open Studios (East): Life in 'The Common'

04 June - 06 June
Organized by: Collective Works
53 Old Bethnal Green Road
E2 6QA

RIBA London Open Studios: East


Life in The CommonWe'll be charting the daily grind at 'The Common', a truly open studio where architects have been working amongst the public since January 2015. Our studio is a cafe and co-working space which benefits from conversation and exchange with the local community. We hope this openness will help demystify the inner workings of architectural practice and encourage engagement between locals and a variety of small businesses based here. The concept itself is work in progress so we’ll be continually documenting the interactions and exchanges taking place.


Over the weekend, we will be sharing our experiences from practicing in offices around the world through to setting up ourselves, and more specifically, setting up with full transparency inside the public demise of a local cafe. Visitors can take part, observe 'The Common' environment or start their own discussions on design issues.


For this years London Festival of Architecture we’re happy to be inviting fellow architects, students and the general public to see how we work within this shared space. We’ll share thoughts on how the communal space is influencing our work and invite comments about how the public perceive our practice. This is also an opportunity to demonstrate how our work in progress isn't just about current projects, but about our working environment - which is just as important as our projects and clients.


Come and take part in discussions, student CV & portfolio workshops, design and space solving consultations , or just come into The Common to see our working environment and have a coffee or drink.


Free entry. Ticketing via website