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Organic Grid + - Vision of the Workplace of the Future

15 June - 26 June
Organized by: Cassidy + Wilson
Domus Tiles Showroom
50-52 Great Sutton Street

Take a look into the Workplace of the Future with Organic Grid+. The international awarding winning entry to Metropolis Magazine Workplace of the Future 2.0 competition by Cassidy + Wilson, gives a unique insight into what our working lives could be like in 2050. The Organic Grid+ sets out to create a conceptual blueprint for the future of the workplace and pushes the boundaries of the way we see our working environment and ask the question "What If?"The exhibition in a fun and informative experience letting users interact with the exhibit and gives people the chance to experience first-hand how technology and nature, often two opposing forces, can be brought together to create exciting opportunities for the future..Imagine a workplace where employees can harvest their own lunch, digitally customise their surroundings and hold meetings in a field 200ft above the ground! All this is possible via the Organic Grid+. Please be sure to bring smart phones and tablets to get the best experience.


Free admission.

Open 9am to 5.30pm