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26 June - 28 June
Organized by: Middlesex University & DEN-City
Forman's Yard
Stour Road
Fish Island
E3 2NT

DEN-City will illustrate the 'Work In Progress’ nature of Hackney Wick by repurposing the local practice of creatively reusing materials that might be seen as unsightly industrial and commercial detritus. Through a series of small temporary structures, sheds and installations created by artists, architects and members of the public, DEN-City will be a makeshift celebratory free space, to walk, talk, meet, see and engage.  This will grow over the duration of the weekend with artists and visitors participating with self-expression of an urban community.  DEN-City, will have a "speakers square" to host talks, community ideas about the area’s history/changing identity. Also appearing in DEN-City are Children's & Family Co-ordinator with Artist/Animator Sarah Doyle; exploring the 'shanty'  through stand up comedy and noir songs from a Native American perspective with Chuquai Billy; surrealist art and talk from Polish Artist-Architect Andrew Stys; plus concrete and interactive poetry from poet Daniel Lehan. DEN-City is Curated by Rebecca Feiner, Creative Catalyst' recycling detritus of Hackney Wick to make a utopian shanty town of art installations.


Open 6-9pm Friday

 2-9pm Saturday

1-4pm Sunday