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Homeless CEO

02 July - 31 July
Organized by: Adrem Group
3 Dufferin Street

About the Exhibition

homelessCEO is a classic 'photo a day' project made immediate through the medium of Instagram. Using only an iPod 5 and the Instagram app, the homelessCEO (a.k.a. Cillín Perera) documents his travels, taking a series of photographs which he curates, edits and uploads to Instagram on a daily basis.

The rules of the project are simple - a picture of every flight on flying days; otherwise (and often also) a picture of the day. Pictures must be from that specific trip – reusing of old pictures is not allowed. Since starting the project on 11 July 2013, homelessCEO has published more than 900 images from 27 countries & 250 flights, and has amassed no less than 650,000 likes from 18,000 followers on his Instagram account.

In contrast to the bustling surrounds in which he spends most of his days - airplanes, airports, hotel lobbies and office buildings, homelessCEO's photographs show haunting images of landscapes and urban settings mostly devoid of the human form. The occasional silhouette appears only when perfectly positioned in the frame; homelessCEO's daily photographs being studies in composition and perspective in the otherwise chaotic world around him.


About the homelessCEO

Cillin is the man without a base. In recent years due in part to his career and lifestyle choice, he has chosen to live outside the comforts of the four walls we call home. Born in 1977 to an Irish mother and a Sri Lankan father, Cillin attended Harvard where he studied cinema and photography in the department of Visual and Environmental Studies. Lacking fulfillment, he was later to drop out of school to pursue his ambition of becoming an entrepeneur.

A young Perera focused on building a life for himself by starting two companies in the coming years, Language Direct in 2004 and Avilinga later in 2011. With growing commitments and more travel implications, Perera has been "homeless" since 2009.

Today, he no longer maintains an apartment and with the 168 flights in 2013, decided to pick up a camera to document his travels whilst re-connecting with his visual side. 

Perera currently serves on the Advisory Board of the London startup TripConsul and the CEO of both companies.



All Instagram-published photographs are for sale in limited edition of 3, plus artist's proof.

Each set includes:- 40x40cm high-resolution version of published original- 35mm camera roll (as displayed) 

Price: £1 per ‘like’ on Instagram (as determined at time of sale)

Second and final copies of edition will attract a 50% and 100% premium respectively.