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The Alfred Hitchcock London Walk

03 October - 18 February
Organized by: Sandra Shevey

 Sandra Shevey was one of only 3 or 4 American journalists to get a personal interview with Alfred Hitchcock in the Seventies.  Esteemed journalists such as Richard Schickel and John Simon had to make due with a press conference hosting 500 members of the press.


Sandra interviewed the director 3 hrs and confronted him with queries about antifeminism and sadism in his films.


Sandra plays sound bites on daily 3 hr tours 11am and also showcases original set art from some of the films.


The walk references some of the monuments and landmarks incorporated by the director in his films, the icons which give the films visual stature and authority.


Cost is £45 excl fares, tips.


Book: sandra_shevey@yahoo.com


NB Sandra Shevey is a Hollywood Revisionist who lectures on film in London.  Her last talk was on 20 August 15 at the National Portrait Gallery.  She also lectures at the Westminster reference library where retiring librarian Peter Collins ascribes his love of Hitchcock to Sandra Shevey lectures.