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09 June - 03 July
Organized by: ArchTriumph
Museum Gardens (next to the V&A Museum of Childhood)
E2 9PA

The project is part of an annual installation to design a temporary, freestanding, transportable and contemporary showcase Pavilion as the Triumph Pavilion. It is a celebration of architecture and design through the encouragement of architectural experimentation and exploration including form, function and material.


The 2016 Triumph Pavilion is the 'Energy Pavilion - Pinwheel' designed by the London based practice 'Five Line Projects'.


The Pavilion represents the exploration of potential energy that a single action in the community triggers. It is a concept based on the argument that London’s achievements and that of the other similar global cities is driven by the force of the people. It expresses the importance of the energy generated by individuals within a community in affecting the wider community.


The creation of this unique interactive space represents the author’s visual interpretation of potential energy through the action and sensations generated by the Pavilion's existence within an architectural context.


Inspired by the classic children’s toy, the pinwheel, the Pavilion is a catalogue of mills upheld by a forest of pillars. Each wheel is systematically aligned to the others on the rod pillar, so a spin of a single wheel triggers movement of the adjacent wheel signifying the idea that the action of a single individual triggers a chain reaction by a greater number, positively influencing the wider community.


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