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27 May - 19 June
Organized by: ArchTriumph
SE24 0PA

The installation is part of the touring Triumph Pavilion Series with the Peace Pavilion designed by AZC, Paris meeting the giant North Star and accompanying smaller stars of the Sky Pavilion designed by Nonscale, Japan for the first time adding a new dimension to the dialogue presented by these forms.


The Peace Pavilion represents the unity and rich exchange between different communities and the creativity that can result through such co-existence. The Structure provides an inspirational, peaceful and interactive space where visiting communities of architects, designers, families and the general public can stand, walk through or seat around to admire, embrace diversity and engage with each other to share discussions about design or other discussions about the community. The Pavilion stands as a symbol of how diverse and creative communities can work together and co-exist in harmony.


The Sky Pavilion next to it on the other hand, represents the fallen North Star accompanied by a number of smaller stars in dialogue with the sun on the earth’s axis of rotation.The Pavilion explore the 5th facade of most architecture projects, looking at the Sky as a complex sphere  with elements such as sun, moon, stars and clouds all adding to the dramatic effects of colour, day, night, texture, rain, sunshine. It invites visitors to appreciate the role the sky and its elements play in perception of architectural structures and the well-being of communities.


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