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Fire! Fire!

23 July - 17 April
Organized by: Museum of London
Museum of London
150 London Wall
Fire! Fire!

Discover London before, during and after the Great Fire of 1666 in an interactive exhibition marking the 350th anniversary of this infamous disaster.


350 years ago one of the most infamous disasters struck London – the Great Fire of 1666.


Experience the destruction of London through the eyes of people who were there at the time, explore the evidence for yourself and find out how the city rose from the ashes in this interactive exhibition.


Go back in time as you explore and engage with the exhibition’s immersive displays...


Step into Pudding Lane and see what life was like for ordinary Londoners in the 17th century

Walk into the bakery where the fire started and see how the flames spread across the city

Play archaeologist and identify real objects melted by the flames.


Hear the rarely told personal stories of the people affected by the disaster.


Try your hand at rebuilding the London that rose again from the ashes.