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Economics, Ethics and Aesthetics: Architecture in Moscow Today

13 March 18:30 - 19:45
Organized by: Royal Academy of Arts
Burlington House

Daria Paramonova provides an insight into architecture and urbanism in Moscow.


As Moscow faces a remarkable stage of urban redevelopment, it is forced to engage with spaces that have been forgotten for 20 years. The city is not only investing in new architecture, it is rebuilding streets and public spaces, transforming into an urban environment with new parameters of comfort. All these projects are characterised by an unprecedented emphasis on pedestrians, safety, ecology, technology.


However, with the contemporary emphasis on progress comes a complicated relationship with the architectural heritage of the recent past. Commercial structures which appropriated the cityscape after the collapse of the USSR, were criticised and despised for their perceived low aesthetic quality. These buildings became a symbol of the first steps of post-soviet Russia and were demolished to make way for change. In this way, the architectural story of Moscow mirrors the history of modern Russia and reflects a complicated relationship with both its revolutionary and capitalist past.


Join us as Daria Paramonova discusses her own work alongside some of the challenging architecture and urban projects planned in Russia today.