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Neighbourhood Planning: 5 years on…

24 February 08:30 - 09:30
Organized by: New London Architecture
The Building Centre
26 Store Street

In the five years since the introduction of Neighbourhood Planning in 2011’s Localism Act, London appears to be lagging behind the UK average, with a significantly smaller proportion of plans compared to the rest of the country, and only a scant few having reached the final hurdle.



How have individual plans progressed, and why have so few come to fruition at this stage? Routed in the experience of an area, these plans could be a huge asset to development, formulating a set framework and enabling schemes to be delivered with community support, yet the formation of a plan can be a time-intensive and lengthy process. This breakfast talk will discuss the issues through the lens of two neighbourhood plans - how can London better harness the opportunity? Should they be implemented across London to help speed up the delivery of housing and jobs? How do they interact with and involve new development? Could they be made more accessible to set up, and should the process become more transparent and streamlined?