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Feast on London's memory! An edible installation

23 June 16:00 - 20:00
Organized by: Kirigram
22 Old Street

The (edible) installation by Constanze Schweda gives shape to London’s urban memory by morphing past and present into a giant 3D sculpture.


Cities are in constant change, the process can be measured by comparing historic and recent maps and data. But cities are forgetful, once a new layer is established, the previous one is quickly forgotten.


We looked at London’s historical topography and its morphological development, the formation and transformation of human settlement, and how the urban fabric has massively changed over the past two millennia. London’s map has densified and vastly extended from a compact Roman settlement to the urban sprawl of today with the threat of a depopulated city centre.


We came up with a 3D coordinate system, filling in topographical models, memorised historical data and key moments and morphing the layers into a three dimensional sculpture.


Memory is for sharing, let’s feast on it together!

The installation will be devoured on 23rd June.